Preventing Yourself From Getting Warts

Warts which commonly occur in children and teenagers are abnormal growths on the skin or mucous membranes of the body that usually results in extreme physical pain and cosmetic discomfort. They can also occur to older people but under rare circumstances. Warts are of various types whose main cause is human papilloma virus abbreviated as, HPV.

Since the onset of extensive research on HPV, over 80 dissimilar types of each having a different attraction towards different types of body tissues have been successfully identified. HPV is passed from one individual to another through direct or indirect contact. The most prevalent places where warts can occur are on the genitals, fingers, on soles of the feet, buttocks, and on the face. Warts developing on each of these places have different names. Is generic wartrol medicine from ebay and amazon legitimate? Get the answer only there.

Types of Warts

1.Plantar’s Warts

These occur on the soles of the feet and sometimes appear thick and toughened. They develop inwards and can sometimes cause intense pain to the patient. They are usually stubborn and resistant to medication.

2. Ano-genital Warts

These usually exhibit the color of flesh and grow in mucous membrane tissue. Their growth is always inwards and may extend internally into the rectum, vagina, urethra, and uterus.

3. Genital Warts

These are typically painless and can develop into a more serious disease, such as cervical cancer. They may also remain in their primary growth stage. It is recommended that anyone having genital warts to be regularly checked physicians. Women should have PAP smears semi-annually or annually.

4. Flat/Plane Warts

These can develop on any part of the body and are often in large numbers.

5. Perungual Warts

These appear around or under the nail bed of the hands or feet.

Preventive Measures

HPV generally finds its access into the body through moist, cracked or peeled areas. People should always avoid peeled or cracked areas. This way they can considerably avoid warts which are passed through damaged areas of the body. Any cracked or peeled area should be treated immediately.

Most of human papilloma viruses are sexually transmitted therefore individuals should always practice protected sexual encounters.

The state of the immune system of an individual is also a determining factor for the ability of HPV infection to spread into the body. Individuals should work toward boosting their immune systems by practicing healthy lifestyles.

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